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Stage lights on
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Stage lights on
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I. On the light
Any dramatic performance, in addition to performing in outdoor daylight, the lighting is a need of. And if the lighting is just the only function of stage lighting, as long as the arrangements for a group of hanging fluorescent lights on the stage, the actors and props to provide a stable and smooth lighting. But, clearly, the stage lighting more than the general lighting of some use, a group of efficient stage lighting can make the visual elements of a link up to increase the audience watching the show fun.

(A) the meaning of "stage lighting"?

Diversity with the regular stage lighting, the most important feature is to allow the audience's emotions with thousands of lights changing colors of the ups and downs of feeling, more close to the story and the role of emotions.

Stage lighting were included:

1 stage lights (on the ceiling in the auditorium catwalk lights), the use of surface light is usually done.

(2) four rows of lights on the stage (according to actors from the first row, second row will have three-dimensional effect head according to actor, playing behind the third row of light, according to the fourth row of marquee lights sets)

3. The right and left side of the light

These are a range of stage lighting designer sway.

Members of different lights, color film, the angle can be thousands of permutations and combinations of thousands of design changes after the light. Not only enrich the actor's facial expressions, movements, and created another time and space, especially in creating an atmosphere, enhance mood, almost has the same functionality and music, but it is a symbol of brightness and color to, implied story. To text, for example, actors, scenery is real pen, light pen is empty, the designer should use brainpower, technology to express "depression,anger" and other abstract adjectives. So when you see a play performance, without narration, lines, from the stage of the hue, brightness, we can understand the play of the season, climate, time, and you can understand the role of emotional changes. In general, multi-purpose Warm comedy, tragedy is cold color. Of course, no effect of color shading is excellent expression, and the director's vision of light, in fact, is his usual style to maintain the whole drama one of the main factors, generally speaking, the dim light for the tragedy, horror , is a bright light is warm, optimistic theme.

(B) lighting functions

(1) selective visibility and focus:

In the theater, we used a word to describe the role of light: "We only look to the audience we want them to see things." We would like to see some of the audience lit, while the other remained in the dark; so selective visibility is for the stage lighting in accordance with the importance of location or character, for there are many levels and selective lighting. And because human eyes are particularly sensitive to light, when the stage lights are still lit, the audience will be the focus of the eye in a light place; other words, the light is tantamount to lead the audience in the show, the focus can be found at any time searchlight.

(2) has been set in the time present situation:

In some scenarios, has been suggested or implied, about the time and space conditions. For example, this scene took place in a certain period of one day in the morning or afternoon, and these theater space in real time, it becomes a lighting design to follow the basic conditions in order to determine the direction of the light, color, such as afternoon sun to create a light effect or the effect of early morning in winter or autumn leaves, etc. The red effect.

(3) set the stage to the screen with the color of the atmosphere (emotional):

Stage space as a canvas, and stage sets, clothing and other items, without lights, man will not be seen, so the director and lighting designer tools, brushes, paint, a little bit of the stage picture with the colors.

This has a double meaning: one is talking about with the clothing sets to see the audience, showing its original color; the other is the color of light itself, can create a certain atmosphere on the stage and effect; give a simple example, light colored light is often divided into two systems: one cold shade, one warm light shade of blue line the main cold, warm light is yellowish or reddish, both to their shape different sensory feeling, feeling and atmosphere of this basis can help set the stage performers and the occurrence of the action, that is achieved is through a stage lighting effect.

(4) shape space and form:

Stage lighting stage it is clear cutting room, separate each performance area, and background, medium shot, prospects and other levels, showing the depth of the stage, to complete the visual effects. Furthermore, the space for different forms of the use of theater, lighting also plays a very important leg color.

(C) how to make lights

Performing arts in this most important practical experience, so research this craft of lighting, in addition to the theory, equipment used in the classroom learning, practical experience in accounting for a great deal of weight. Like a novice as a small apprentice, followed by master transfer point, put colored paper .... Through the actual operation, to continue to gain experience.

Stage Lighting Design The first step is to read the script of course ---- Hello!!

But reading focus, angle and they have to practice to see actors in different scenes of the picture and the play's mood changes, identify the turning point into a light rhythm, intensity, color. Because the design is so abstract and performing arts, so most designers learn that the most important thing is to understand life, in life everything is worth and must pay attention, care. Personal life can be studied under multi-party on music, art, history or Chinese poems, paintings and so on. In fact, the absorption of information, observe the work is very important. Lighting must be designed and director, set design, make-up artist to discuss, to seek further interpretation of the unified communications point of view, compromise. Rehearsals and certainly can not miss.

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