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The stage lighting control skills and taboo
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The stage lighting control skills and taboo
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In the control of lighting, you can not have any arbitrary, because the lighting operation of control has its own norms and skills, otherwise, will lead to light bulbs, lamps, lighting control units of the damage, and even cause fires, causing serious damage.
    Here is the actual work that often appear in misuse, to point out, learn a lesson.

    1. In the cold light bulb state, suddenly pushed off (full) light, the result may cause the lamp to "pop" is heard decrepitation; or cause tungsten bulb fuse.

    (1) of the lamp in the production process, the glass bulb shell thickness inevitably uneven, leading to uneven heating of the phenomenon. When the light bulb suddenly pushed, will cause the lamp to heat up the moment the glass shell, just like life to an empty glass in hot water to fill the same effect.

    (2) After finished using the lights, light bulbs from the warm to cold in the process, will absorb water molecules in the air, the water molecules will remain in the bulb's glass shell gathering. When you suddenly push the light bulb, the glass shell of water molecules, as if the water in the hot pan, the same effect, light bulbs decrepitation is a natural thing.

    (3) bright light suddenly pushed, will cause a momentary surge current (higher), so easily dissolved off the light bulb filament.

    Operating skills: When the light bulb in a cold state (before the opening before), it will only push the console's fader from the point (often said of the calendar status), the micro-light bulb, let in the warm up, so the heat evenly, while condensation evaporate on the bulb glass shell of water molecules, after a few minutes warm-up, pushed a little brighter, then warm up after a few minutes before pushing off the lights completely.

    2. Should not push the lighting console fader full state, then open the box the power of silicon. The result and the result is the same, different damage the bulbs. Should be dimming all the fader is turned off, open the silicon box power line.

    3. Never in the switching device, the lamp power control units and the silicon case the order reversed. Power is turned on, first turn on the light console off and then open the box of silicon power; off, turn off the power of silicon box, turn off lights after the console's power. If you reverse the order of operations, then the line will cause all the lights are flashing about, it will affect lamp life.

    4. Should not push the light bulb, the big action rock lamps. Tungsten light bulb will therefore break or fall off.

    After the light bulb, the temperature gradually increased, corresponding to become soft tungsten, as well as by the effects of gravity, corresponding sag tungsten wire (if not using the screw-shaped bulb tungsten filament, such a phenomenon is particularly evident) , big moves this time shaking lamps, lights have to wait until completely cooled, removable side.

    5. Never replace the lamp, direct hand contact with light bulbs, light bulbs which will affect the finish, and the other hidden hazards leading to the lamp decrepitation.

    (1) grease on your fingers or fingers with the bulb's glass surface friction will leave "scars", which affects the smoothness and transparency of the light bulb thereby affecting the normal lamp illumination.

    (2) If there is sweat on the fingers, fingers and bulbs "close" contact, the sweat of the salt molecules will absorb water molecules in the air, once the light bulb on the water, when the bulb heats up, it is easy decrepitation of.

    Operating skills: when replacing the lamp, be sure to wear gloves, go to touch light bulbs. If there are no gloves, the sponge can be packed bulbs, soft tissue paper or plastic wrap, then install, after installation, be sure to remember to take down these inclusions, so as not to push the light bulb in a fire.

    6. Avoid exposure to light will back out of tune too much focus on the speed of light. Too much focus in the short time the lights will be installed in the color fades on colored paper, loss of color, what is more, the color of paper out of a hole in the burning grill. If the direct distance from the lamps and flammable items too close, there may be no point then.

    Operating skills: adjusting the light beam irradiation, the tone was a little bit of astigmatism as well, if the illumination is not enough, add lighting.

    7. Never installed for color at the same time neglected to install protective nets, protective nets to prevent the lamp to explode and burn when the splash wounding items

    Like the back light on the block pendant no 2 slot, by which a file is loaded with protective grille, while a block is mounted outside Used for color, and some PAR fixture has a fixed grille, that does not good?

    8. Remember the hot light of lamps and flammable curtain from too "intimate." Years ago, a school in the Northeast during a performance, it is because the light will light curtain, causing fires and causing hundreds of deaths and injuries in the tragedy. Therefore, the lighting and curtains to keep a certain distance between the light is an important cause. 300W lamps direct the direction and distance from the screen of not less than 3cm, side lamps, rear and curtain (rest) a distance not less than 2m, the magnitude of swing if the curtain, it is possible close to the lamps, the best in lighting and metal curtain in the middle to set up a quarantine network, take the lamp to prevent the curtain on the fire. 500W or more lighting, direct distance of 5m outside the curtain, side, rear and curtain from the outside in the 3m.

    9. Should not be installed lighting power than the power required by the manufacturers. Silicon light box on the power carried by each loop in the manual are described in detail. Generally speaking, each loop carrying power with 1KW, 2KW, 3KW, 6KW. Take 6KW, for example, silicon inside the SCR, also known as solid state relays are 60A, calculation, can carry the power is 13.2KW, anyway, have a great space power, in this loop can be installed above the lights 6KW the. In my opinion, only consider the light bulb moment generated by the fusing current, so consider the issue one-sided. Manufacturers will not be for nothing left to say such a high-power thyristor, which is a grain of truth inside. What say one example.

    A four-star hotel's engineering staff, was found in the maintenance room lamps, bedside lamps within a 60W incandescent bulb burned out, also found under the jurisdiction of the lamp a 6A fuse has blown, and we all know , a 60W incandescent bulb in the current 0. 27A, that is 60W tungsten light bulb moment in the fuse, the resulting more than 6A current, excluding the positive and negative error 1A fuse, then that light bulb fuse instantaneous current is its current five times. Silicon box manufacturers in the design of each loop thyristor current is only 2.2 times the actual load current, this is too stingy a bit, so use light console for some time, you will find more damage with the light bulb, Silicon is also the breakdown inside the SCR, Always turn off lights not dimmable or not the phenomenon accordingly increased noticeably.

    10. Avoid connecting the load, resulting in three-phase imbalance. As we all know, lighting dimmer pack input power, most three-phase four-wire system. Lighting load in the box when connected to the silicon, if not through the distribution of light load on blindly to connect, then it may result in unbalanced three-phase phenomenon. So, when pushed bright lights, you will feel the difference in light between the light and shade.

    For example, there is a 18 circuit dimmer units, which carry the power of each circuit is 6KW, input power 380V, it's 1-6 in C-phase circuits. Before the load is not connected with a multimeter measuring A, B, C, three are relatively neutral voltage 220V. Assuming a silicon box loop 1-6 received a total of 7-36KW lighting load circuit 12 received a total of 18KW lighting load circuit 13 to 18 received a total of 6KW light load. This case will be pushed off all the lights, then the multimeter to measure, A relatively small change measurement is 200V, C is relatively small change of the measurement results is 220V, which is three-phase unbalanced phenomenon, which tells us, the more load , voltage drop, the more obvious, a phase voltage and low voltage lighting higher than one phase of the light intensity is significantly lower.

    Operating skills: In addition to install the lights in 3 is equal to the total power allocated to each phase power. Take the example of the power number, for example: 600KW except in 3 equal to 20KW, each phase is 1-6,7-12,13-18 loops of the load 20KW, this three-phase voltage balance.

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